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Ponza island

Situated in the archipelago of the Pontine islands, in the province of Latina, with an area of about 10 square km, nestled between the island of Palmarola and those of Gavi and Zannone, Ponza is a real gem. It has numerous inlets and bays, beaches and coves, cliffs overlooking the sea and sensational views that make it unique. It’s a paradise for beach lovers, for those who like scuba diving and wish to spend a very relaxing holiday.
Reachable by sea from the ports of Anzio, San Felice Circeo, Terracina, Formia, Naples and Ischia. A helicopter service is also available from Rome and Naples.


What to do on the island?

Ponza is the ideal island for holidays: during the daytime sea, beaches, boat trips and water sports; at night, life is kindled in a kaleidoscope of colours, lights and scents. Walking along the main street with shops and restaurants, you can see the fishermen getting prepared to set sail for another night of fishing.

The moon and lights reflecting on the water create a striking array of colors, an unforgettable sight. For who love staying up late, there is the island’s disco called “Covo NordEst” (“Campo Inglese” area), which can be reached by bus and taxi; along the port area, there are other places where good music can be enjoyed, as well as having a drink in the cool sea breeze.


Daily boat trips are organized, perfect for discovering the natural beauty of the island. They are ideal for both families and groups of friends: hiking around Ponza island is a crucial part of your stay. Fishing boats converted into comfortable boats leave daily from Cala Feolaand the port to discover the secrets of Ponza and the nearby island of Palmarola.