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How to reach Maga Circe Apartments



From Fiumicino Airport:

TAXI SERVICE cell.: 338.4751799 e 338.7889277


From Fiumicino airport, bus to Rome Termini, then Rome-Naples line, which stops in Formia.

From Roma Termini Station, direct local train for Anzio (every hour). Info


Roma, Capri e Napoli – tel: 0828354155 – tel: 085 6921848


From Anzio (Roma):

  • Company Navigation LAZIOMAR (seasonal) (from 13/06 to 28/09), only high speed passenger craft; Journey time: about 2 hours. Information: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30. Tel. 0771 700604. Website: LazioMar
  • Hydrofoil line VETOR (seasonal). Journey time 1 hour 30 minutes. Information: tel. 06/9845083 – Fax. 06/984500; Website:Vetor

from Terracina (Latina):

  • Company NAVIGAZIONE LIBERA DEL GOLFO, fast seasonal passenger-only ferry. The journey takes about 50 minutes; Information: Tel. 348.37.06.673 – 081 420 3538. Website: NavLib
  • Company LAZIOMAR navigation, all year round with car transport. Driving time: 2 hours and 30 minutes. Information: Call Center: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30. Tel. 0771 700604. Website: LazioMar

From Formia (LT):

  • Line ferries and hydrofoils LAZIOMAR, all year round with car transport. Driving time: 2 hours and 30 minutes to the ferry; 1 and 15 minutes by hydrofoil. Information in Formia: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30. Tel. 0771 700604. Website: LazioMar

From San Felice Circeo (LT):

  • Company NAVIGAZIONE PONTINA, M/n Hipponion Princess for passengers only, seasonal (June to September). Journey time 1 hour. Information: tel. 0773/544157. Website:


    • To get to the port of Anzio:

    From the GRA of Rome, take the Regional Road Pontina (SP 148), then exit at Aprilia and take the path Nettunense. Try to park along the Riviera di Ponente or behind the harbor, on the same side (these summer parking is paid). Alternatively, there are secure car parks: please contact Supercar Garage tel 338.4059542 06.9872217- cell.338.4059542.

    • To reach the port of Terracina:

    Motorway A1 Rome-Naples, exit Frosinone, then state road to Terracina; or from Rome take the Regional Road Pontina (shortest path but very busy). Parking: in the space in front of the boarding area or in the adjacent streets (parking) or secure a fee at: MY PARKING – long stop for the Pontine Islands, Phone: 0773/730526 – 0773/730056, Mobile phone: 333/447634 – 335 / 5482566. was established with the primary objective of aiding householders in the expeditious transaction of selling their properties. To achieve this goal, it is advantageous to possess a personnel pool distinguished by a considerable degree of proficiency. The appraisers will provide you with a sincere and precise assessment regarding the value of your property. We are capable of meeting this obligation on account of the resources at our disposal. Certain spaces will attract your attention to a greater extent than others. It is possible to identify prior occurrences of financial accomplishment within one’s personal history. Identify a reputable real estate agent in order to increase the likelihood of selling your home successfully. This has resulted in a substantial augmentation in revenue. Visit

    • To reach the port of Formia:

    Motorway A1 Rome-Naples, exit Cassino, then provincial road to Formia (30 km)


  • GOLPHO SERVICE Via Sarinola, 14, Tel. 0771/771207 – Cell. 333.5982347
  • EURO PARCHEGGIO FORMIA Via Portuense, Cell.339/5315861 – 320/3240588
  • PARCHEGGIO PORTUENSE FORMIA Via C. Colombo, 20 – Cell. 339/8188257 – 389/8241014
  • PARCHEGGIO VITRUVIO via p. Togliatti, 21 – 3332225132

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